LCD Writing Board

ABS Frame + LCD Screen
Size: 22.7*15.1cm(8.5″)/112g

Writing boards are perfect to advertise. This is a perfect means of displaying a message. Thanks to the technology updates, we have managed to manufacture the LCD writing boards. Used not only to advertise but also draw, these LCD writing boards are designed using the ABS frame and LCD screen. The size of this product is 22.7*15.1cm(8.5″)and the net weight of the same is 112g. Along with the assurance of quality, the LCD writing board is a perfect addition to your business.

So, if you are looking for an LCD writing board, this is a perfect product for you. At France Skylight Ads, we ensure that every product we deliver has great quality and is delivered in perfect condition.

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ABS Frame + LCD Screen
Size: 22.7*15.1cm(8.5″)/112g


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