Bottle Glorifier

LED Wine Bottle Display

3mm Acrylic
Size: 25*25*12cm

We have multiple LED wine bottle display. Every product has its own USP. This LED wine bottle display, however, is the best selling wine display shelves we designed. The star designed bottom with the four colored LEDs on each end makes it more colorful and eye-catching. The size of this product is 25*25*12cm.

The star-shaped LED base brings light to the wine bottle kept on it and the colored LEDs on each corner make an illusion of four pillars around the bottle displayed. Whether it is a home bar, wine shop, or a bar you run, this LED wine bottle display is a perfect fit for all. So, order now and add some color and design to the place.

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3mm Acrylic
Size: 25*25*12cm


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